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Tickets: $5 (Limited)
Day: Saturday, September 28, 2013 | Doors Open: 04:30pm | Showtime: 5:30pm
Description: A first of it's kind African Traditional Dance Competition that will feature several groups from various African groups showcasing their traditional dances! - View Details

About Us - The African Council (T.A.C) (formerly known as the Governor’s African Council – GAC) is a community initiative that was founded in 2010. T. A. C aims to strengthen the African Voice in Massachusetts through civic engagement in order to advocate for and advance the needs of the African community.

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The African Council Organizing

This is a current ongoing initiative that seeks to organize within the African community and aggregate key issues from in the African community to create an African Agenda that can be presented to government for action. This initiative also seeks to develop a ‘statement of principles’ from the input received from the African community.

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The Team

Photo by: Shawnea Frett Ajao of Don't FRETT Photography.

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1. Let Your Voice Be Heard: As we reach out to Africans to understand what issues resonate within our community, please participate and stay up-to-date with the latest African Council upcoming events and other important announcements. 2. Contact: For more information please email us at info@theafricancouncil.net or call us at 617-249-4791.

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